GWI Telecom offers professional tower & rooftop site installation services

GWI Telecom is proud to offer professional tower site services to our clients. We know what it takes to work on structures at extreme elevations. We have the right team to perform these services and we possess a wide variety of highly specialized skills to perform our job duties safely and efficiently. Our certified climbers go through an extensive training program to provide the highest level of safety for servicing all types of structures and industries for tower and wireless communications service.

Our Technicians are certified / trained in the current standards and we have the required Health and Safety approvals. Our team is a specialized group of Industry Professionals equipped with the latest safety gear for servicing towers.

Tower Services:

  • Certified Climbers
  • RF, Cellular, Microwave, Antenna  Install / Removal
  • Tower Safety Inspections
  • Cable Maintenance / Testing / Grounding
  • Lighting Support
  • Lightning Systems

Compound/Facility Services: 

  • Property Maintenance
  • Equipment Install/Removal
  • System Consulting
  • Professional Site Management
  • Conduit Runs
  • Security Camera Systems

Radio Equipment Services: 

  • Equipment Installation
  • Equipment Removal
  • Coax/Hardline Cable Runs
  • Connector Installs/Replacements
  • Repeater System Testing
  • Solar/Wind Backup Power Options

Rooftop Services: 

  • Radio, antenna, coaxial, fiber and power cable Installation
  • Cranes
  • Rappelling
  • Cable tray
  • Antenna mounts – ballast and penetrating roof mount
  • Custom Antenna Installs
  • Pitch-pocket / Ballast Mounts
  • Rooftop Survey
  • Electrical Installations