GWI Telecom offers premium In-Building DAS installation and test services

das-circle2GWI Telecom has become one of the leading in-building DAS installation and test services companies. Through the company’s comprehensive training and development programs GWI has become a technology leader.

GWI In-building DAS Services:

  • Passive, active and hybrid DAS installation.
  • Equipment room installation, including racks, power, security cages, alarm cabling, component interconnect.
  • DAS PIM testing for full tri-carrier compliance or customer specific requirements.
  • DAS Return Loss testing and characterization including RL, DTF, antenna RL and system RL.
  • RF cable termination – JMA and Commscope.
  • DAS PIM auditing – Confirmation of system PIM performance on existing DAS installations. Includes antenna verification, system Return Loss and System PIM testing.
  • Service and maintenance of existing DAS systems – GWI has personnel available to maintain and correct any DAS issues resulting from construction or renovation work.